Germany’s Town Of Leather

In Kirn, an idyllic town blessed with an abundance of fresh water, the conditions were perfect for leather making. And so spawned a community of leather craftsmen. But even amongst such accomplished company, Johann Braun stood out, for his workmanship and lofty standards were rivalled by few.

Mastery In Every Stitch

As a master saddler and upholsterer, Johann knew there were no shortcuts to making top quality leather products. Only skills honed by years of practice produced desirable results. Every cut, every stitch, every step had to be nothing shy of perfection. Such was his dedication to quality. A spirit that continues to live in the heart of every Braun Büffel craftsman up to this day.

From Kirn To A Boutique Near You

With boutiques and retailers located throughout Europe and Asia Pacific, the exquisite craftsmanship of Braun Büffel leather products can now be yours to enjoy.

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